Japan Airlines buys 42 aircraft from Airbus, Boeing

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Japan Airlines buys 42 aircraft from Airbus, Boeing

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The ‘catalogue’ prices of the planes come to around $12.9 billion in total

Tokyo: Japan Airlines said Thursday that it is buying 42 airplanes from Boeing and Airbus as part of a drive to boost its international and domestic operations.

32 new aircraft from Airbus and 10 from Boeing in orders worth billions of dollars.

The firm said it would “introduce a total of 21 Airbus A350-900 aircraft from Airbus, along with 11 A321neo aircraft, and 10 Boeing 787-9 aircraft from The Boeing Company, as part of its fleet renewal plan”.

But a separate statement listed the “catalogue” prices of the planes, which in total comes to around $12.9 billion.

The airline said it will add 20 Airbus A350-900 aircraft and 10 Boeing 787-9 to its international routes, adding to its existing fleet of more than 50 Boeing 787-series planes.

“These new aircraft introductions aim to enhance and expand the capacity of JAL’s international operations, with a primary focus on regions such as North America, Asia, and India where future growth is expected,” it said in a statement.

On domestic routes, JAL will introduce 21 Boeing 737-8 aircraft to replace its current Boeing 737-800 fleet, starting from 2026, it said.

Additionally, to update their existing fleet of medium-sized Boeing 767 aircraft, JAL will introduce 11 Airbus A321neo aircraft.

This marks the first time that JAL, which is Japan’s second-biggest airline after All Nippon Airways (ANA), will introduce the model, it said.

The introduction of both aircraft types is planned over a period of approximately six years, starting in 2027.

JAL added that it “remains committed to steadily advancing the introduction of fuel-efficient aircraft as part of its efforts to achieve its CO2 emissions reduction targets”.

The goals include a 10 percent reduction in total emissions compared to 2019 by fiscal year 2030, and near-zero emissions by fiscal year 2050, it added.

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