EASA Issues Airworthiness Directive over Airbus A380 Fuselage

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EASA Issues Airworthiness Directive over Airbus A380 Fuselage

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The Airworthiness Directive released by EASA says the following on the fuselage of the Airbus A380:

“It has been determined that, during the assembly process of the centre fuselage of several A380
aeroplanes, the splicing installation on the affected areas had not been performed in accordance
with the drawing definition.”

“Necessary shims, to reduce the misalignment of the upper and lower frames, have not been installed or are mislocated, which means, that at certain frames, a possible gap might not have been filled or that shims have been wrongly installed between the lower frame and the splice.”

“This condition, if not detected and corrected, could lead to built-stress in the junction of affected
frames, increasing fatigue potential, possibly resulting in reduced structural integrity of the centre

“To address this potential unsafe condition, Airbus issued the SB, as defined in this AD, to provide
inspection and rework instructions.”

“For the reason described above, this AD requires inspection of the affected areas for missing or
mislocated shims and, depending on findings, accomplishment of rework and/or repair.”

All eyes will be on whether this issue develops or not.

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