New Fuel Efficiency Certification Rules Apply to Bizav

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New Fuel Efficiency Certification Rules Apply to Bizav

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The U.S. rules apply to new type certificates and modified airplanes

Some business jets and large turboprop airplanes are included in new FAA final rules that enact Environmental Protection Agency-prescribed fuel efficiency certification requirements. The rules take effect on April 16 and apply to certain subsonic jet airplanes with a maximum takeoff weight greater than 5,700 kilograms (22,500 pounds) and to certain turboprop airplanes with a mtow greater than 8,618 kilograms (19,000 pounds).

Under this final rule, an airplane is subject to these certification requirements: (1) at new (original) type certification; (2) upon manufacture of any covered airplane after Jan. 1, 2028; or (3) when a modification to a covered airplane meets fuel efficiency change criteria specified in the regulations. Exempted are piston airplanes, airplanes used for firefighting, amphibious airplanes, non-pressurized airplanes, certain specialized operations airplanes, and out-of-production airplanes currently in service.

The new FAR Part 38, Appendix A, rule contains the certification testing methods that OEMs or modifiers must perform to determine the fuel metric value that a specific airframe design must comply with to obtain fuel efficiency certification. See also Advisory Circular 38-1. According to the FAA, the airplanes covered by the new regulations are responsible for 9 percent of domestic transportation emissions and 2 percent of total U.S. carbon pollution.

Sixty comments were submitted and 14 generally supported the rules as proposed. Nine, including ALPA, Boeing, Gulfstream, NBAA, GAMA, and Embraer supported the rule but offered suggested changes.

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