SkyWest AirlinesBegins Trials

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SkyWest AirlinesBegins Trials


Erie Aviation announced that SkyWest Airlines has begun flight trials on several Erie Aviation product lines and STC’s. SkyWest Has began LED cabin lighting trials on its CRJ 200 fleet which will continue on to the CRJ 700 fleet if successful. Erie says it gives cabins a cleaner, brighter appearance, LED lighting also reduces bulb replacement, in-flight smoke issues due to ballast failure and cost. SkyWest has been using Erie Aviation (direct replacement) LED reading light bulbs during the past year and complete cabin interior lighting will complete the LED upgrade. Other CRJ200 upgrades will include the New EAI-2003SW Surface Mounted lavatory Faucet released by Erie Aviation this year.

For the CRJ 700/ 900 fleet, (along with LED reading Light bulbs), SkyWest has selected the Erie Aviation EAI 2000 Wall Mounted Faucet, a direct replacement to current Adams Rite / Franke Aquarotter models. EAI says with their unique bracket, retrofit is accomplished in minutes. The EAI 2000 /2010 units are lightweight, hydraulically controlled timed units, available in a variety of finishes, and colors. The units provide a competitive cost to current industry options and compatible on a variety of aircraft to include Boeing, Airbus, Bombardier and Embraer. These products are made in the USA.

Source: AVM

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