Gulfstream Launches Dedicated AOG Center

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Gulfstream Launches Dedicated AOG Center


A special team of experts will be dedicated to returning grounded airplanes to service fast.

For bizjet owners, an aircraft being grounded can be a devastating event and, in most cases, it is critical to get the airplane back in operation as soon as possible. To help make that happen for the more than 2,800 jets Gulfstream has delivered worldwide, the company has launched a dedicated aircraft-on-ground (AOG) center at the Savannah Service Center.

A 2,400-square-foot space within the 679,199-square-foot service center is now home to a group of experts who will help predict, prevent and resolve maintenance or logistics issues that could prevent an airplane from taking flight.

The experts can help operators by deploying aircraft from one of several Field and Airborne Support Teams (FAST) to deliver parts, tools and technicians. More than $1.6 billion worth of spares inventory is spread out over 20 locations and 150 FAST-dedicated technicians and field service representatives are available for quick access. Twelve mobile repair teams with specially equipped vehicles are also available to be deployed to handle ailing aircraft. Oversized monitors at the AOG center provide personnel with a quick overview of the status of service aircraft, vehicles and personnel.

This is the first time we’ve concentrated such a broad team of multidisciplinary personnel together in a space solely dedicated to AOG situations,” said Gulfstream’s president of product support, Derek Zimmerman.

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