Where Are Narrowbody MRO Costs Heading?

Mechanics wages and engine parts prices are rising, but real MRO cost per flight hour is decreasing. Yearly aircraft maintenance spending fluctuates according to a number of factors—fleet age and size, intensity of modifications and airline profitability—that affect discretionary maintenance and upgrades. Historically, the most meaningful measures of MRO cost—real spending per flight hour or

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News Roundup From The 2018 Singapore Airshow

A quick dive into all of the biggest MRO news coming out of the 2018 Singapore Airshow. Asia’s largest aerospace and defense event brought a flurry of news this year, including new contract signings, joint ventures, regional aerospace facilities and company rebrandings. Take a look at our roundup of some of the biggest news coming

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Copa Plans To Expand Fleet in 2018

Flag carrier of Panama plans to grow fleet by 25% by 2020. Copa Airlines is in a growth mode—it plans to increase its fleet by 25% by 2020—with the first of 71 Boeing 737 MAX aircraft arriving in August. This year it should receive five 737 MAX aircraft, followed by 10 in 2019 and 22

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Could seaplanes be the future of transatlantic flight?

(CNN) — In the future, transatlantic flights could be smooth sailing, literally. Rather than slamming down on a runway on the outskirts of a city center, passengers could land on along the coast in a jumbo seaplane. According to Dr. Errikos Levis, a researcher in the Department of Aeronautics at Imperial College London, seaplanes could

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How to upgrade to a private jet for $300

  Getting bumped up to first class is good. But upgrading to a private jet is even better. Delta Private Jets, a subsidiary of the airline, will soon offer some travelers the chance to upgrade their commercial ticket to fly on a private jet that would otherwise be traveling empty. Private jets often travel empty

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Meet the youngest female commander of a Boeing 777

Becoming a pilot is far from easy, but challenging gender stereotypes and becoming a female aviator is even harder. This didn’t stop Indian pilot Anny Divya from trailblazing her way to the top. Thirty-year-old Divya is now the youngest female commander of a Boeing 777 aircraft in the world. Divya holds the high position with

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How real is the hypersonic aircraft revolution?

(CNN) — We live in an era of fast technological change: self-driving cars, drones, artificial intelligence. Yet the tube-shaped subsonic airliners we keep flying on wouldn’t look out of place in the 1960s. Take, for example, the Boeing 737. A 50-year-old design that remains one of the workhorses of the airline industry. And going strong:

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What passenger planes might look like in 2068

(CNN) — If time travelers from 1968 found themselves in an airport today, there might be plenty of changes that surprise them. But the planes would look reassuringly familiar. While there have been vast improvements in materials, engines and avionics — helping 2017 become the safest year in aviation history — commercial aircraft remain structurally

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SpaceX to launch demo satellites for its high-speed internet project

Elon Musk’s SpaceX wants to deliver high-speed internet to the world using thousands of small satellites — and this week that plan is moving closer to reality. The company is slated to launch a rocket from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California at 6:17 a.m. local time on Wednesday. On board will be two experimental

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Air-Taxi Startup Joby Aviation Raises $100 Million

Joby’s future is now linked to venture capital from Toyota, JetBlue and Intel. Joby/Uber     Joby’s website says, “More than a billion people on planet Earth spend more than an hour a day in traffic. Transportation emissions are one of the largest sources of pollution.” Thanks to the $100 million Joby just raised from a

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