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New Fuel Efficiency Certification Rules Apply to Bizav

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The U.S. rules apply to new type certificates and modified airplanes

Some business jets and large turboprop airplanes are included in new FAA final rules that enact Environmental Protection Agency-prescribed fuel efficiency certification requirements. The rules take effect on April 16 and apply to certain subsonic jet airplanes with a maximum takeoff weight greater than 5,700 kilograms (22,500 pounds) and to certain turboprop airplanes with a mtow greater than 8,618 kilograms (19,000 pounds).

Under this final rule, an airplane is subject to these certification requirements: (1) at new (original) type certification; (2) upon manufacture of any covered airplane after Jan. 1, 2028; or (3) when a modification to a covered airplane meets fuel efficiency change criteria specified in the regulations. Exempted are piston airplanes, airplanes used for firefighting, amphibious airplanes, non-pressurized airplanes, certain specialized operations airplanes, and out-of-production airplanes currently in service.

The new FAR Part 38, Appendix A, rule contains the certification testing methods that OEMs or modifiers must perform to determine the fuel metric value that a specific airframe design must comply with to obtain fuel efficiency certification. See also Advisory Circular 38-1. According to the FAA, the airplanes covered by the new regulations are responsible for 9 percent of domestic transportation emissions and 2 percent of total U.S. carbon pollution.

Sixty comments were submitted and 14 generally supported the rules as proposed. Nine, including ALPA, Boeing, Gulfstream, NBAA, GAMA, and Embraer supported the rule but offered suggested changes.

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Airbus Puts SAF on Display with A350-1000

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The aircraft is fueled with a 35 percent blend of sustainable aviation fuel

Airbus’ A350-1000 takes to the skies this week during the flying display at the 2024 Singapore Airshow, as the Franco-German manufacturer continues its campaign to promote sustainable aviation fuel (SAF).

The OEM conducted a refueling demonstration on Sunday at Changi Airport in Singapore, pumping 12.8 tonnes of a 35 percent blend of SAF with conventional jet-A fuel into the widebody. The additional fuel brought the total amount in the A350 to 21.8 tonnes of the SAF blend, enough to accommodate the series of demonstrations during the flying displays throughout the week.

Shell Aviation supplied the fuel under the International Sustainability & Carbon Certification EU requirements and provided through the HEFA-SPK (hydroprocessed esters and fatty acids synthetic paraffinic kerosene) pathway, which uses feedstock from cooking oil and tallow.

The demonstration is part of a larger effort to help push the industry toward the adoption of 100 percent SAF. “Airbus is committed to supporting and developing the SAF ecosystem, and this is part of what we are doing,” said Hélène Burger, Airbus’s head of international cooperation and sustainability for the APAC region.

The current availability of SAF represents just a tiny percentage of what the industry eventually will need, Burger explained. He noted the importance of continuing to educate regulators, fuel producers, distributors, and operators about the need for SAF and the safety of its use.

All Airbus aircraft can operate with a blend of up to 50 percent SAF. Testing continues to move toward 100 percent SAF, with which Airbus already has accomplished initial trials on the A380 four-engine model. The company plans an array of tests—from hot to cold weather trials—to demonstrate that 100 percent SAF could become a seamless drop-in.

Airbus has set a target for all of its aircraft to be capable of operating with up to 100 percent SAF by 2030—a critical component of the overarching industry goal of reaching net-zero carbon emissions by 2050. On average, SAF can reduce CO2 emissions by 80 percent over an aircraft’s lifecycle (from production to end use) compared with fossil fuels.

In addition to airshow displays, Airbus already has begun to help its customers transition to SAF by delivering its aircraft with a 5 percent SAF blend at no additional charge.

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P&W Seeing MRO Benefits from Singapore Technology Accelerator

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STA has spurred some 30 innovations to improve MRO processes

Pratt & Whitney already is reaping benefits from its recently established Singapore technology accelerator (STA), citing more than 30 innovations that have emerged from the initiative to maximize maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) productivity. In 2022, the company announced a collaboration with the Singapore Economic Development Board to establish the technology accelerator program.

The STA works with more than 20 Singapore companies to develop new technologies in the commercial aviation sector. Its projects have focused on automation, advanced inspections, connected factories, and digital twins, P&W said, noting that the innovations are being applied across its four Singapore-based MROs.

“STA is a focal point for the innovative thinking and enterprising spirit of our employees, applied to scale technologies across our MRO facilities faster and better,” said Gilbert Sim, P&W’s director of aftermarket global operations technology and CORE (customer-oriented results and excellence). “We will continue working with MRO facilities and centers of excellence in Singapore and throughout the network to deliver more technology insertion projects.”

As the technologies undergo evaluation at the Singapore facilities, P&W plans to roll them out throughout its global MRO footprint to improve throughput and turnaround time, the engine maker said.

Beyond STA, P&W has worked with centers of excellence around the world to develop and deploy other advanced repair capabilities in emerging fields such as artificial intelligence and machine learning.

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Airbus reports €65 billion in revenue for 2023

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Airbus has reported its final year results for 2023 showing revenues of €65.4 billion (EBIT adjusted €5.8bn) across the year with strong performances from commercial airliners and helicopters.

Across the period Airbus delivered 735 commercial aircraft and received orders for 2,319 new airliners growing its order backlog to 8,598 aircraft.

Airbus Helicopters received orders for 383 aircraft.

Airbus Space and Defence also saw revenues increase by 15% representing €15.7 of the overall revenue.

Looking forward to 2024 Airbus plans to increase wide-body production to 4 A330s per month this year, 10 A350s per month by 2026.

A220 production will also continue to ramped to 14 aircraft per month by 2026.

Airbus’ most popular family line, the A320 family, will see production hit 75 per month across all the final assembly network by 2026.

Airbus is targeting 800 commercial aircraft deliveries in 2024.

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Embraer, Saudia Technic To Cooperate on Mx and Training

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Agreement includes collaboration on business aviation support

Embraer Services & Support and Saudia Technic have signed a memorandum of understanding to collaborate on maintenance and training capabilities. The agreement, reached at Riyadh’s World Defense Show 2024 on February 4, aims to enhance cooperation on civil aviation, namely the E2 jets family and Embraer Executive Jets maintenance.

“Through this memorandum of understanding, we embark on a journey of collaboration and growth,” said Saudia Technic CEO Fahd Cynndy. “The aerospace industry in Saudi Arabia is thriving, and together with Embraer Services & Support, we are poised to make remarkable advancements. This partnership will propel us towards new horizons, shaping the future of commercial aviation and paving the way for excellence in maintenance.”

Saudia Technic performs services in line, base, components, and engines across the aviation industry.

“We are very pleased to sign a broad memorandum of understanding with Saudia Technic,” added Carlos Naufel, president and CEO of Embraer Services & Support. “The kingdom of Saudi Arabia has one of the fastest-growing aerospace industries worldwide, and Embraer Services & Support is well-positioned to advance in the region by working in partnership with Saudia Technic.”

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Dassault Falcon 6X To Make Singapore Airshow Debut

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The twinjet received EASA/FAA certification in August

Dassault’s Falcon 6X will make its first Singapore Airshow appearance starting next Tuesday, when the 2024 edition of the airshow opens to trade attendees. The wide-cabin, ultra-long-range twinjet will be on static display alongside a Falcon 2000LXS at the Asian show, the French aircraft manufacturer said.

The 6X received simultaneous certification from EASA and the FAA in August, and the first delivery was to a customer in late November. The company noted that the airplane features the largest cabin cross-section of any purpose-built business jet.

Following its showing in Singapore, the 6X will continue its “worldwide tour” through other stops in Southeast Asia, Australia, New Zealand, and Asia-Pacific, according to Dassault. The twinjet has already done similar tours in America, Europe, and the Middle East.

“Operators who have flown the 6X as it has made its way around the globe praise the unparalleled quietness, comfort, and spaciousness of the cabin,” said Dassault Aviation chairman and CEO Éric Trappier. ”The 6X also retains the peerless handling, versatility, and short-field capability typical of all our Falcons.”

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Strong start to 2024 for Airbus with 30 deliveries

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Airbus has started 2024 with a bang delivering 30 aircraft to 18 customers around the world in the first month of the year.

Deliveries included 28 single-aisle airlines made up of 2 A220-300, 13 A320neo and 13 A321neo airliners to customers including easyJet and Wizz Air.

Airbus also delivered 2 A2330-900 wide-body airliners to ITA and Condor.

Orders for January totalled 31 with Ethiopian Airlines ordering 11 A350-900 and Delta Airlines ordering 20 A350-1000s.

The strong start follows a year which saw Airbus out perform Boeing with 735 deliveries compared to the Seattle manufacturers 528.

Airbus continues its march towards its first 1,000 delivery year which could come soon as production of almost all models continues to be ramped up.

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EASA Issues Airworthiness Directive over Airbus A380 Fuselage

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The Airworthiness Directive released by EASA says the following on the fuselage of the Airbus A380:

“It has been determined that, during the assembly process of the centre fuselage of several A380
aeroplanes, the splicing installation on the affected areas had not been performed in accordance
with the drawing definition.”

“Necessary shims, to reduce the misalignment of the upper and lower frames, have not been installed or are mislocated, which means, that at certain frames, a possible gap might not have been filled or that shims have been wrongly installed between the lower frame and the splice.”

“This condition, if not detected and corrected, could lead to built-stress in the junction of affected
frames, increasing fatigue potential, possibly resulting in reduced structural integrity of the centre

“To address this potential unsafe condition, Airbus issued the SB, as defined in this AD, to provide
inspection and rework instructions.”

“For the reason described above, this AD requires inspection of the affected areas for missing or
mislocated shims and, depending on findings, accomplishment of rework and/or repair.”

All eyes will be on whether this issue develops or not.

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Honeywell Invests $84M To Expand Kansas Avionics Plant

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Larger facility will create hundreds of new jobs

Honeywell aerospace is investing $84 million to expand its avionics manufacturing facility in Olathe, Kansas. According to the company, the expansion is expected to generate $47 million in total gross domestic product and contribute $18.3 million to state and local taxes in the first six years. It expects the expansion to employ an additional 153 employees at the site and create more than 200 other supported jobs across Kansas.

“Expanding this facility will enable the development of a strong and resilient domestic supply chain for next-generation avionics and printed circuit board assemblies that our customers can rely on,” said Honeywell Aerospace Technologies president and CEO Jim Currier. He noted that the expansion was part of a larger push on the company’s behalf to bring more investment and employ more skilled labor in the U.S. workforce.

The current 560,000-sq-ft is used for manufacturing components for Honeywell’s avionics, safety and flight control systems, and radio frequency systems for traffic collision avoidance, radar altimeters, and weather radar.

Kansas Gov. Laura Kelly said she hoped Honeywell’s growth would allow for more high-tech jobs to come in the state. Sen. Jerry Moran (R-Kansas) added, “Honeywell’s decision to expand its operations in Kansas will help bolster the U.S. domestic industrial base in the aviation sector.”

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Malaysia’s aviation soars with 9.1% surge in number of operating airlines – MAHB

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KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysia’s aviation remains firmly on a trajectory of recovery, with a total of 72 airlines operating actively within Malaysia Airports Holdings Bhd’s (MAHB) network of local airports at the end of 2023, representing 9.1 per cent surge from the preceding year.

This surge has also resulted in a robust connection to a total of 147 destinations, comprising 113 international and 34 domestic, MAHB said.

“The expansion, marked by a 21.4 per cent increase from 121 destinations comprising 86 international and 35 domestic in 2022, can be attributed to the launch of six new airlines, the resumption of seven others and the introduction of new routes by existing airlines.

“The encouraging traffic demand continued to be evident as the group recorded four million international passengers in Malaysia in December 2023, the highest since February 2020.

“This was driven by the reopening of China borders, increase in airlines seat capacity and new aircraft deliveries,” it said in a statement today.

In 2023, the group noted that it had also achieved a momentous milestone by surpassing 100 million total passenger movements for the first time since 2020, reaching an impressive 120 million passengers.

This achievement not only highlights a substantial recovery rate of 84.6 per cent against 2019 levels but also underscores the group’s resilience and adaptability in the face of global challenges, it said.

MAHB pointed out that local airports played a pivotal role in achieving yet another milestone, whereby despite rising airfares, inflation and severe weather changes, local airports contributed significantly, registering a record-breaking 81.9 million total passenger movements, a 77.8 per cent recovery of 2019 levels.

“In December 2023, airports in Malaysia experienced a further uptick in passenger traffic with a total of 7.7 million recorded, including four million international and 3.7 million domestic, in line with the long year-end holidays.

“The international sector saw an 18 per cent increase from 3.4 million passengers in November 2023. Concurrently, the domestic sector saw a 16 per cent increase from 3.2 million passengers,” the group shared.

Meanwhile, MAHB said the Istanbul Sabiha Gokcen International Airport (SAW) handled 3.1 million total passenger movements in December 2023.

These movements, it said, comprised 1.7 million international and 1.4 million domestic passengers, with SAW’s performance contributing 29 per cent to the total traffic of 10.9 million passengers recorded by the group in the month.

The group further stated that the year 2023 also marked a significant milestone for SAW as not only did the airport surpass 2019 levels, but total passenger movements reached a record high of 37.6 million, which is a notable increase of 4.5 per cent from 2019.

This growth can be attributed to the airlines’ rapid expansion and new operations in the international sector, it said, adding that international traffic share reached more than 50 per cent of the airport’s total passengers for the first time.

“Pegasus commenced services to four new routes, namely Alexandria, Egypt, Kutaisi, Georgia, Dortmund, Germany, and Birmingham, United Kingdom.

“Ajet, previously known as Anodolujet, launched a new service to Belgrade, Serbia, whereas British Airways increased services to daily flights to Heathrow. In addition, Flynas launched a new service to Madinah, Saudi Arabia,” it said. – Bernama.